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We here at Total Power Racing Batteries are proud to support the racing sports circuits around the United States and the rest of the World. Currently Total Power Racing Batteries can be found on the vehicles that are driven by the following household names.

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Jimmy Phelps Drivers Troyer Team Car With Total Power on Board.

Wisconsin Late Model SuperStar Nathan Haseleu Uses Total Power

Lightweight / Powerful Total Power Racing Battery Powers Frank Cozze To Championship At New Egypt Speedway.

Rip Michels Wins Qualifier w/Total Power Batteries At Toyota All Star Challange

Dale McDowell Trusts Total Power To Power His World Of Outlaws Late Model

Lightweight TP1200 Gets Job Done On David Ebberts A/D

Ron Jones D&M House Car Trusts The High Performance Total Power Racing Battery

Total Power Provides The Dependability That Martin Christensen Can Count On

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